Is it ONLY me ? : O ( Shell Energy Broad Band and Phone

Telephone bill Rant

Is it only me ?  I regularly/always receive my Shell Energy Phone bill LATE  : O (  Shell want it usually paid E.G. ( 9/9/22 ) before the date the bill  ( 12/9/22) arrives ?!! I have complained every time for months ( So before the blame on Royal Mail Strikes ) and they are not interested! ( They have even rung me to 2 days after the bill has arrived to Chivvy me on ) So... I reckon its a DIRECT Ploy! to coerce Elderly people and the not so Computer Savvy (I’m not a techie! ) to go onto Direct Debit! and I consider this to be direct HARASSMENT as I want to pay by cheque : O )

Let me explain: Within 3 years I received an £8000+ gas bill  for a Terraced House  : O (... Then...  I had to ARGUE for a new meter reading! Eventually I got a new reading and they owed me £34    : O )  If I had paid by Direct Debit I bet I would still be waiting for that meter reading.... and my money to be returned NOW!

Rant over and thanks for reading and sorry if this has been prev covered  : O )


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    Yes, I had a gas bill at work where they managed to get the decimal point in the wrong place and billed £10,000 for gas instead of £1,000.
    That was a fight as the company was on direct debit payments. They explained that as the computer said it was correct it must be (completely ignoring that human error can play a part). Fortunately I'm anal and could evidence referring to 3 bills (including the one that was wrong) where the error was and they backed down.
    I agree it does appear a high pressure tactic, you're late paying the bill that we have sent out on the day its due.
    Rant over!
    Happy Wednesday people :smile:
    May you find your sister soon Helli.
    Sleep well.
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