Hmrc and Ns&i I index linked bonds

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hi guys, just been onto Hmrc again, but confused .
i have transferred marriage allowance from OH to me from 18 -19 to present and onwards.
had 3 P800 and refunds, fine.
three rebates of £230+, Ok.
when I asked why no P800 for 21-22, I was told that they were waiting for Ns&i to send interest details to them ?
i asked why, they are tax free, she completely didn’t understand what I was talking about .
we agreed a figure , from previous years,and she said she would send P800 and refund, fine again, 
my Ns&i are index linked bonds, tax free, so why would Hmrc need to hear from them, or even how much interest I received , it’s not taxable.

i haven’t even had my 21-22 statement from Ns&i  yet, but as it is linked to cpi, it should be good , there systems down again, useless to contact any time, just to check.
i tried in vain to ask why she required Ns&i figures, as it’s the same as isas, tax free, they don’t need to know ?
she didn’t understand , just kept on about the £1k psa .
I have had these bonds years and possibly have been taxed on them, unknown !
On all 3 P800 ‘s their interest figures are higher than mine, so assume possibly taxed on my bonds?
they never state where the interest is from.
has anyone else had this occur ?
the Ns&i  bonds state, tax free, no need to notify Hmrc !
do banks notify Hmrc of isas ? They are the same as IL bonds ?
just to digress.
tried umpteen time to set up personal tax up online, using gateway, using driving licence, p60, wage slips, credit agencies, etc, nogo, cannot ID me. Don’t exist, but still take my tax :-)
no passport.
is it me, ?
cheers guys.


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