How much did you spend today 14/06/2005

Morning All,

Looks like I am the first one on, so here goes.

Well obviously, I cant really say haw much I have spent today, as its only 6.30am. :rolleyes:

However, The plan is for £2 today. Just for a bit of lunch at work.

Will be completely paying off a Credit Card today... Feels good :j

Have a great day all, and I look forward to reading how you got on when I am home from work

24 hours in a day. 24 beers in a case ... coincidence? :beer:


  • LearningToSave.
    LearningToSave. Posts: 1,428 Forumite
    well havent got a clue what i'll be spending yet as it'll either be nothing if i dont go out or lots if we get out to get hubby's new work trousers when he finishes today.
    but im sooooooooooooooooooo excited i just wanted to post......i've got a job/chance to make money :D:D:D
    its working for a friend and is on commision i get 50% but i can do it from home and work as little or much as i want all by email and phone!!! im so happy as i cant get a job any other way because of husbands work.
    just wanted to share :D
  • Aries
    Aries Posts: 477 Forumite
    Have a great day,
    Regards ARIES
    Member of the £2 savers club.£320
    so far
    saving for Holiday :j

    You are never too Old to learn new tricks.:rotfl:
  • newfunk
    newfunk Posts: 2,415 Forumite
    Today could be expensive as I have to buy some materials for a job im doing...Which will be used ata profit, so not to worried, personally im planning on spending nothing for the 3rd day running!!
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  • deemy2004
    deemy2004 Posts: 6,201 Forumite
    Tuesday ?

    My plan is to spend ZERO today... :)
  • simonfr
    simonfr Posts: 88 Forumite
    Im upto £30 so far :-( going to a Motley Crue concert :-)
    Is the glass half full, or half empty??
  • fatboyonadiet
    fatboyonadiet Posts: 5,397 Forumite
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    £1.20 to get the bus home and hopefully that'll be it!
    2p off is still 2p off!
  • ms_london
    ms_london Posts: 2,852 Forumite
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    Oooh, glad this has caught on :0)

    I ended up spending a big fat £0.00 yesterday - whoooo!!

    Will need to buy some lunch today, but apart from that, nothing else - will see if i can grab some bargains :0)

    Its 2 weeks til payday tomorrow and i have £100 left, and £150 i can save this month as ive underspent so far in june, need to save another £350 before November 5th in order to make my DFD November (it makes sense to me). :0)

    I suppose id better get on with some work....

    Enjoy your day xx
  • Karma67
    Karma67 Posts: 541 Forumite
    Debt-free and Proud!
    Ooo first time i've posted on this subject....

    Well today I have only £17 at most to spend......will buy groceries for a couple of days, for family of 4, inc nappies, (would use my clothies, as things are tight, BUT bl##dy washine machine finally packed up on Sunday :mad:), I need to buy some peroxide about £3, but will use it tomorrow to earn £40 :j

    EDIT: just rechecked peroxide stock..and have enuff for the that's £3 saved ;)
  • I am spending NOTHING today :j as I don't plan to go out. I am having a day at home, doing bits'n'bobs around the house. I have a loaf baking in the breadmaker, so will be eating fresh bread toasted shortly for my breakfast, then I will be listing some items on Ebay this afternoon to MAKE some money. My hubby was delighted with my purchases at Makro yesterday and I hope to fit in time to use my new Circulon Stock-Pot to do some bulk cooking later.
    I'm glad I have no plans to go out today, it's raining outside and very windy. Brrrr........Have a nice day everyone! and try not to spend money. :D
  • omega_2
    omega_2 Posts: 251 Forumite
    Ditto Deemy2004! Will finish inputting May's spending totals tonight. Will have to pop out for a few bits and bats later this week, but I'm putting this off as long as possible. I've got 4 dishwasher tabs to go....
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