O/S Daily Saturday 3rd September 2022

Good morning, it's a fine dry start I think, still dark of course.
I've been awake for a long time with pain in my hip and shoulders, so I finally got up for some pain killers, hope they work soon.
Camelot hope you are feeling a bit better after your awful experience at school, it's shocking that a child should have hit you.
Snoozer, are the new little family settling down? The first few weeks are always hectic, I found that anyway.
Dgs is staying overnight tonight, sometimes he's hard to settle, but once asleep he stays asleep, unlike his sister, who has had to be taken home late at night before, when she was his age.  I hope he doesn't have any shenanigans tonight, I'll be on my knees by then!
There's a little bit of shopping to do, DH can nip out later.
Hope everyone has a good day today, take care folks.


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