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  • Regarding Nectar points boosts at Sainsburys with Smart Shop.  I,ve been using this to boost my points for over a year. The only problem is -- I have to check I,ve received the extra points, and 90% of the time I,m a long way short and have to ring their customer support to get the correct points. I,ve complained about this, and not received a reason for it. I tend to think theyre relying on customers not having the time to check.
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    I have similar issues with Nectar points lost at Sainsburys Petrol Station since they upgraded the pumps recently.  I'm certain that the Worcester Blackpole filling station is timing out the Nectar card scan quicker then the previous equipment did, and it is easy to miss that it has happened.  I've found that if you simply wait 8 seconds after seeing the confirmation that the Nectar card has been accepted, then it cancels the acceptance, so if you aren't super-quick inserting your credit card, and I'm not (budgeting the time it takes to get from scanning and returning one card to a pocket of the CC wallet to pulling out another to make the payment), it doesn't draw your attention to the fact, and you think you are all sorted, but if you actually print your fuel pump receipt, you see that you could have earned points, and then realise that it timed out your Nectar card.  Those who don't get a receipt will simply never see the points they are entitled to ever get credited to them, unless they perhaps have a payment card that ensures the transaction earns points.  I've checked the 8-second timeout on a couple of Pay-at-Pump scanners there.  I've raised a query with Sainsbury's to see whether the timeout has been intentionally or accidentally modified, and indeed what it is programmed to be, and will update this post if I get more information.  I'm unable to check the timeout that used to apply there as all the pumps have been upgraded, but will check at other Sainsbury's filling stations.  I checked my local Tesco PFS, for comparison, and found it times out after in excess of 30 seconds, which is far more reasonable.
  • Dizzycap
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    Smartshop has never been a problem with boosting Nectar Card points. I downloaded the Smartshop APP, connected my Nectar Card to it and scan items with my phone with no problem. Points are added to my total within 5 minutes of making payment at the checkout.
    Plus, I also check shopmium to see if there any additional savings via the try for £1 cashbacks on the items I need. This week I got £1.45 back and it was paid into my bank account within 2 days:-)
    @Points Saving Challenges 2024:
    ~2024 Nectar Card Points Total: 919/2024 Points - Saving for the Christmas DOUBLE UP!
    ~2024 Tesco Club Card Points Total: 113/500
    ~2024 SuperDrug Points Total: 146/200. Free NO Purchase VIP Gifts Total: £8.99
    ~2024 Boots Points Total: 2511/2024 Points - Online & Boots App 2058 Points Cashed In (19/01)
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    Tip 2 ends - If you don't have a smartphone, you can get the offers when you use in-store scanners. However, you can't get these deals when shopping online.

    This is incorrect, personalised 'my nectar' prices are available for online orders and have been for a few months now. 
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