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Hi All,

I am trying to move cities , I have a good job, secure and well paid but my credit check always fails. 
I had a CCJ on my file in 2017, I paid in 2020. It is still showing on my credit report as satisfied but apperantly its still an adverse credit I didnt declare. 
How can I get that removed? Why is it still showing 2 years after its paid? 
Also, I have a default on my account that will be 6 years old in October. How will I get that removed? I raised it with Transunion previously but I didnt even get a reply. 
All help appreciated, thanks.


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    No reason for it to be removed - it has been correctly marked - drop off is 6 years
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    CCJ`s, paid or not, stay on file 6 years from date of judgement.

    Same applies to defaults.
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  • CCJ is only ever not put on your file if you pay within 30 days, the only way to remove it would be to have challenged it at the time, paid for a set aside soon after etc.

    CCJ will disappear from the live reports the day after 6 years from when it was added i.e. some time next year, the default will similarly vanish in October - remember the free reports take time to update so it might be a week or two for you to see it there
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