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Sorry if this has been mentioned before, but keeping lettuce in a sealed box (Tupperware type) in a fridge will prolong its life for several weeks. We buy iceberg and that will still be fresh for at least 3 weeks.


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    Or if it’s a head of lettuce, eg Romaine or Gem, then take a small slice off the bottom and put it in a jar with some water covering the base like you would flowers…  lasts ages in the fridge and less likely to wilt.

    broccoli lives longer that way as well, if you have the space in the fridge for that.
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    YorksLass said:

    Rather than letting cucumber go mushy, slice it thinly and layer it in a jar with thinly sliced onion, cover with vinegar (ordinary malt vinegar is fine) and you'll have teatime pickles in a week or so.  It keeps well too.
    My Nan used to serve cucumber like that on a regular basis.
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