2 Humans, 2 bunny's and debt!

After lurking for a long time, being inspired by all your diaries nows the time for me to be a proper grown up and start! 

Quick overview while I drink my tea before work...

2 humans - me and Mr Bunny (he'll hate I call him that!) 😂 recently married but together 10+ years 

New build house, purchased on the help to buy scheme - best way for us but means that in approx 4.5 years we have 50 grand that either needs to be paid or absorbed in to our mortgage. 

No children.... yet 

And as the title suggests 2 bunny's- I love animals and they literally make me smile every time I see their fluffy little bob tails! 

Anyway that'd tea drunk off to work, back later with a more detailed financial break down 



  • So time flies when your having fun....... or when your tired and feel rubbish! It's been a long week, which resulted in 1 take away and 1 dinner out at a meeting. 

    And as if by magic, my problem is visible on day 3. I get tired, or busy and can't be bothered so we order in or eat out. The thing I'm kost annoyed with is I'd brought the food for those 2 nights, which is out of date now (and is chicken) so I won't risk freezing it 4 days over -  but that's not happening again, I need to be more on it! 

    So on to debt - I have 3 a loan, a credit card and a student loan over payment that needs paying back. 

    Student loan - £497.60 with 6 payments remaining @ £90 
    Loan - £4751.15 with 36 payments remaining @134.31 
    Credit card - £535.11 

    My plan currently is pay the student loan off, then use the additional £90 towards the credit card and hide the card so I can use it!!! 
    And then focus everything on the loan & savings towards the new mortgage. 

    Next step is complete and SOA- but one small step at a time 

  • Hi there and welcome. An soa will definitely help, but your debts are definitely at the lower end of what we see here and it should be doable to clear them a bit quicker. 
    We have wild bunnies, I love them. Carrots and apples on my shop every week for the wild ones 😁
    I don’t know how wild your garden is, but any gristly bits I chop off raw chicken (and any out of date) gets chopped up and put under the trees in my garden, the blackbirds and gulls love it and it saves smelling up the bin! All the old cat food goes outside each day too for the birds (and some fresh each night for the hedgehog 😁).
    Have you seen anything about Dave Ramsey? I love his snowball method of paying down debt. He’s a little ‘American and goddy’ and I don’t agree with the joint finances he hammers, but he talks a lot of sense about debt and seems very kind.
    Good luck on your journey.
    Not all who wander are lost - J.R.R.Tolkien
    🌊 A smooth sea never made a skilled sailor 🌊
    2024 challenges - (1) £8k savings challenge = £900 so far (2) 1 stone weight reduction = 0 so far
    My WW and friends diary is here 😁 … 

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