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Received an email from ACI from this company this morning say I owe my myjar £328 from an outstanding loan. I accept I had a loan of £659 I paid off some of this and set up a repayment plan, complained about their ridiculous interest rates which they wrote off reducing it to £400 which I then paid off at £20 per month. I was struggling to pay that much so called them reduced it to ten, made three phone calls which I have documented on my phone bills to myjar who kindly decided to write off my debt. They sent me an email in October  2019 saying the debt was cleared. Unfortunately I have deleted this. I spoke to ACI today who were less than helpful. So I'm not sure where I stand. I have asked them to look at the records of Myjar but they indicate I still owe the amount, not true. I asked him to check there records for emails he said he didn't have that information Myjar went bust in December 2020 why weren't they chasing between October 19 and Dec 20, that was my argument  I'm at a standoff. 


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    You could ask for proof they have the right to collect on the debt particularly if it was written off
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    They say one thing, you say another, this kind of too and fro is normal with debt collectors.

    Two things you should know -

    (1) never speak to these companies on the phone, everything by email or in writing only.

    (2) they must supply evidence of your liability for this debt on request, you on the other hand, do not have to prove or dis-prove anything, the onus is entirely on them.

    Send them the PROVIT letter available from the stickies on the DFW sub board (you may be able  to link to a similar letter from debt camel above).

    See what their response is, and post back.

    Its not unheard of for written off accounts to be, ahem, lets say... resurrected, and sold on for someone else to chase, this is the true nature of the debt collection business I'm afraid.
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    Ask for proof from them.

    Did you know the interest rate? Could be the interest rate you haven’t paid? 

    You need to double check that 
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