Fixed rate 12 months Eon next v19

Just received my estimate  for both gas and electricity for next 12 months.
Cheapest deal electricity £2250, gas £3000
Must be paid by monthly DD to get this deal


  • Mstty
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    Maybe you can embark on an energy saving exercise. How many kWh of each is this based upon?
  • Astria
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    Which means nothing by itself. Whats the unit cost of the electric and gas? What's the standing charge?
  • QrizB
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    Welcome to the forum.
    E.ON Next usually have an "online" version of their fixed rate tariffs, and this is usually a little cheaper than the not-online one.
    Which one have you been offered?
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    I've just done my own calculation based on twelve years of monthly historical data and ,taking the average, I reckon my DD based on my consumption should be around £380 a month on EoN-Next's V18 tariff.(electricty only - at 54.1p/kwh and 37.92/day) I cant find out what V19 prices are.

    Actually they've under estimated my consumption by around 2000kwh a year and so their DD estimate of £290 is £90 too low making me around £1000 in debit at the end of the period. I've now put it up to £380 to avoid running into too much debit over the winter.

    By my calculations I will have paid £380 x 8 = £2660 by 1st April but I'll have used £3300 worth of leccy, leaving me the rest of the summer to bring it back into balance)

    My alternative to paying £380every month is to end up with bills around £600-£650 a month in December, January and possibly February depending on the weather - I'm just hoping for a mild winter.

    My calculations for this year were nearly spot on - we used £2102.39 and our DD payments of £190.86 came to £2099.46, just under £3 in debit
    BTW we did go around £350 in debit by the end of March but it's been paid off during the summer.

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