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Do photographers offer a service of creating a wedding album from customer's own photos? My son has been married abroad and can send the professional photos to me as online version. Would like it to be special, not just what I can do on Snapfish.


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    It's unusual but you could ask.

    However, ask to se samples of albulms thye's created and consider whether it would be any more special than you doing it - after all, you are better placed to know who is who, which photos your son will value etc. 

    If you want someon to youch up photos or edit them then that's a slightly different service, so think about what you specifically ant to achieve and thne tlak to a couple of photographers.

    also, if th photos were taken by a professional then you may find that photogrpaghers won't work with them without a formal release
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    Thank you. I asked in a high street photo shop. They would do it but prices start at £175. As I need 3 albums it is too expensive. I will probably try to do it myself. Looking for the best site to use to create a quality product. I have always used Snapfish in the past to do holiday albums but would like a better quality paper and cover. Any suggestions?
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    Nearly all photographers would be using an online tool like the kind you get on Snapfish etc 
    I've used PastBook before or have a look at Loxley. 
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