best way to use a LOAD of Nectar points?

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Over the years I've collected and ended up with 70k Nectar points.
I used to spend them on the double deals thing (and still have a stock of kettlers and toasters!) but they discontinued that! All of the main spending deals seem... a bit weak :-)
Any tips for the best way to splash a lot of Nectar? Or use it more wisely?


  • elsien
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    Convert them to avios and go on holiday? 
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    I'd previously have said take loads of holidays to Paris on the Eurostar, but just saw a thread that they've stopped doing that!
    I know they sometimes do a boost around Christmas, where you'll get more value spending them in Sainsbury's than you would do otherwise. Christmas dinner sorted?
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    I find eBay is a good way to spend them - you can buy almost anything. Wait till there's a 15 per cent off code or similar on eBay and redeem then then.

    In the past year I have bought a new (high quality) office chair for home working, a slow cooker and an air fryer, all using Nectar on eBay.
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  • I save mine throughout the year and then use them to pay for the big Xmas shop - helps a lot with money in December!
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    I buy clothes clothes from TU
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    I tend to save mine up for Xmas then use it for my wine order when Sainsbury's do their big wine offers.
  • molerat
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    Use 300 every time you fill up with fuel at Esso for 5p off a litre, on 30 litres + it beats the standard cash value.
  • sheilavw
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    I was told (don't know if it's true) that they are going to do the double up again later this year. I hope so, I have just slightly over £30 (don't buy much, I have built this over a period of time) if it's on I can double my £30 to £60 and get some Christmas gifts
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