Phone contract on parents address

I’m 18 and would like to get a phone on contract I’ll be paying for it and it’ll be in my name but on my parents address  

my my dad is worried about if he takes out a mortgage and some other things if I take a contract out liked to his address 

Im also going to university this September and wanted to do it before I leave I’ve found a good deal on this website but then need to do it online though a different company not three themselves 

could someone please give me some advice as I’m not sure what to do 
thank you 


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    Addresses don't have credit histories - only people do.  Your dad has nothing to worry about.
  • I’ve been told there’s a credit score against the house 
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    Whoever told you that was wrong. It’s the person not the address. 
    And fwiw credit scores don’t have an awful lot of meaning anyway. What is important, and which each provider will take into account when you apply for credit, is your personal credit and repayment  history. No one uses the numbers off Experian and the like, each bank etc has their own criteria. 
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    I’ve been told there’s a credit score against the house 

    Whoever told you that, tell them back that there isn't. Because there isn't. 

    There are only credit histories of individual people, or in the case of two people having a joint account, still having individual histories, but lenders able to see both files for certain credit applications.

    Whatever you apply for will have no bearing on anyone else at your address, unless you already have a joint account with them (which is quite unlikely in your case in relation to your parents).

    An ex-bankrupt on a journey of recovery. Feel free to send me a DM reference credit building credit cards from the usual suspects :) Happy to help others going through what I've been through!
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    I’ve been told there’s a credit score against the house 
    Your house may have a number, but it's not a credit score.
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    A credit score is a fictitious number which lenders don't even see. Whoever is advising you is talking nonsense.
    A contract phone can be a big burden on a student budget, and it's binding: if you lose or break the phone, you still have to pay for the full length of the contract, which can be 2 or three years.
    By far your best bet is to get a budget Android phone (plenty at under £100), and then a SIM-only contract: plenty around with unlimited texts and calls from just £6, and only a 1 month minimum term. 
    If you go for an expensive phone on contract then as an 18 y/o without a credit history, you may well be declined.
    PS: make sure you are on the electoral roll.
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