KW challenge

Not sure if this is the right place or if anyone would like to join or if it’s being done already??? 

My son has recently moved out and we have challenged each other to use less electricity than the other. 

Taking readings every Sunday to see who uses the least that week. Thought others may want to add their readings and it might help all of us to be more mindful ready for the winter of discontent! 


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    Started playing that game last October against myself but reached our limit around March, with 2 in the house compromises have to be made.
    This is where we got to,  2 of us at home all day ,electric only ( no solar) & averaging 20 kWh / week for the last 4 months, took some practice but now it's become more normal. The log burner in winter helps keep our electric usage fairly constant over the year by taking over the kettle duties & some cooking.
    A financially worthwhile exercise considering the state of affairs.
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    I monitor ours every month but it's a challenge at the moment as we are having building work done so the builders have got all their power tools plugged in. Suprisingly concrete mixers don't use as much as I'd feared. They've been here nearly 6 months, no end in sight yet.

    The penny dropped this morning though, we have Economy 7 meters and the rate went up as the machine was still thrashing away on its 1200 rpm spin cycle. We're in the south with the good weather - I turned the spin speed down. Doesn't matter if the washing goes out wetter when we have this weather, I can get the sun to do the drying free
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