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MSE Poll: Have you got a summer holiday booked or have you already had one?

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MSE_Will_LMSE_Will_L MSE Staff
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Poll started 2 August 2022

Holidays have been back on the agenda this year for many, with most travel restrictions now dropped. But many trips have been beset by delays or cancellations. So this week, we want to know if you've got a summer getaway booked or, if you've had one, whether it was disrupted?

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  • jbrassyjbrassy Forumite
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    Having no kids, I avoid going away in July and August like the plague. Normally go away in April/May and/or October/November. Airports are nowhere near as busy and you pay half the price.
  • Shaz34Shaz34 Forumite
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    We went on our first foreign holiday in 3 years and I think the key is organisation and preparation. You can't account for airline cancellations though, but I always book through Jet2 as found them to be reliable and trustworthy (3 weeks after lockdown full refund for cancelled hol). I used their twilight checkin day before flying, stayed in airport hotel overnight. Straight to fast track security and through in no time. When I got to security, I had everything I needed to put in tray in a separate bag in my hand luggage so only needed to empty it in the tray and smooth transition ready for breakfast. Same on way back. Loads less stressful
  • PennyDDPennyDD Forumite
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    Nightmare holiday and that's before we even left the UK.  Left home at midnight and drove to off site car park.  Turned out to be wasteland in the middle of nowhere with a bus shelter.  Pitch black.  Noone about.  However, the bus turned up and drove us to Manchester airport.  Had to wait an hour in a queue for self-serve check in.  Never done that before.  Why can't self serve check in be open 24hours?  (I suppose it needs staff to help people like me) who struggled.  By this time it was 4am, hadn't had any sleep and was exhausted.  Booked the lounge so at least I could have a cooked breakfast. It opened at 4am. That cost £60 and had to wolf down my meal to get the flight at 6am.  Very stressful and not left the country yet.  Will never fly again.
  • BrieBrie Forumite
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    Managed to get away for a long weekend in May.  That's the first holiday since Feb 2020.  I've had time off work but not been anywhere due to family commitments and covid.  I'm hoping to go visit family (not a holiday) maybe late Sept but that's dependent on work stuff that is an absolute nightmare at this point.
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  • Torry_QuineTorry_Quine Forumite
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    I stopped going on holidays when my husband died. No-one to go with and I wouldn't feel comfortable on my own. 
    Lost my soulmate so life is empty.

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