Rail strikes and refunds

I'm probably going to have to pursue a refund for the train strike planned for 18th August, assuming this strike is still going ahead, since it's the day we're due to come back from a trip to London..  What isn't addressed at all in the talk about refunds for trips is the fact that people like myself are going to have to cancel the outward part of the their trip too (in my case on 15th), since we won't be able to get back home, and disruption is likely to continue the following day too.  For four people this is going to be a considerable sum to lose.


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    Where is your journey from, and to, and at what times?
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    I have the same situation.
    Travelling from Glasgow to Liverpool (Avantiwestcoast) single on Tues 4th October 2022 (6.30 am) and booked another single ticket for return journey on Wed 5th October(12.36pm) which has been announced as a strike day.
    Party of 4 travelling and must travel on both these dates.

    Tickets for either journey would not have been booked if I had known that I would be unable to return on the 5th.

    I have had previous experience in August of being caught up in a similar situation on a return journey when I was due to travel from York to Glasgow (LNER) the day following a strike day and it was a nightmare with scheduled train cancelled and re routed to a later train many hours after my original train. This train was also affected and instead of terminating at Edinburgh terminated at Newcastle where had to sit for an hour and a bit until another train took us to Edinburgh.
    Missed connection Edinburgh to Glasgow as so late.

    In summary people please be aware that travel on the following day after a strike is fraught with problems.

    Anyway I do not plan to repeat the dose and perhaps someone could advise whether would be due a refund for outward journey??
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    You pay for the comfort as well as for the services the train provides.

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