Does credit in a utility account count as an asset?

I'm currently paying more on my DD than what I estimate I'll need over the period of my fixed energy deal, I've left my it as it is as that's what the energy company recommend and it's not a massive difference, but obviously I'll build up a credit of £300 or more over the next 2 years which can then be withdrawn, also we are getting a £400 credit in October from the government so it will be the best part of £1000 in credit. Does this need to be declared as an asset? 

The bankruptcy application only seems to mention things like valuable property and bank accounts, are utilities treated differently?


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    Yes they are treated differently, please, please, please don`t keep over think these things, it has already been pointed out to you what the OR considers to be an asset, and what they have no interest in.

    Its understandable that you want some clarification on things, but utility bill credit is there for a purpose, (as bills tend to fluctuate at different times of the year), a purpose in which the OR has no interest whatsoever.
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    Ok, thanks for that clarification. Maybe I'm just being a bit paranoid that paying more than my utility bill actually is, is going to be seen as deliberately depriving my creditors of income and putting it aside for myself effectively.
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