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Employer changing my office base



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    If I am asked, I want to be prepared with a response but I am not sure where I stand here. Travel between offices was never discussed at interview. It was the opposite. They were very firm about moving the role to the office where I am now. I appreciate plans change but I have no interest in travelling 50 plus miles a day to the other office.

    My contract has the usual clause about being there for the needs of the business. Can I say no if I am asked?  I suppose if I do say no, it could go against me.   Can anyone offer me any advice?  Obviously, this may come to nothing. 
    If they have a legitmate reason for wanting you to visit the other office on some occasions and you say "no" because you have "no interest" in doing so then yes - that would go against you.   If your boss asks you do do something and you respond with  (essentially) "Nah, I don't really fancy doing that", it'll probably end exactly how you think it'll end.

    As this other office isn't your normal base of operations, it would be reasonable to expect them to cover the cost of travelling there and back. 
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