Smart plug privacy policy - info gathering?

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I know its no surprise that tech companies harvest some data about users but can someone check my understanding of the bit I have highlighted below.
I had a quick scan of the privacy policy for a TAPO smart plug that I bought and found the following...
Is it likely that I have agreed for TAPO to gather info from ALL emails that I send or am I looking too deep and they are probably simply gathering communications sent between me and them?

We gather information directly from you and also via our websites and other technical systems. These may include, for example:

  • Information (such as your name, user name and email address, shipment address) that is provided when you register;
  • Information in connection with an account sign-in facility (e.g. log-in and password details);
  • Communications sent by you (e.g. via e-mail, instant messaging systems, social medias or website communication forms);


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    If they have the ability to read all emails, you have much bigger problems!

    I read the policy as actually the pretty much the same as all other providers that include any account login. The system couldn't operate if they didn't gather and store this info.

    What they or any provider then choose to do with it is a bit more where the concern should be (e.g share with third parties).

    This one is just more up front (and much much shorter).

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    Yes, just between you and them, not between you any others. This is reasonably expected in the event you have contacted them. 

    For example, your smart plug isn't going to be monitoring your activity on this forum. 

    Full marks for actually bothering to read the privacy notice though, 99% do not 😁
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