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This is in central London so not good for me but passing it on! It's legit, a friend has done market research for this company a few times before and they pay her promptly the next day. They're running a number of sessions over the next few weeks. You get paid for watching a TV advert in a venue on The Strand, the whole thing lasts about 30 mins. You watch the ad on a laptop, answer some questions etc. Not everyone will qualify - it will all depend on how you answer a few basic questions. I can't post a link here (????) but it's on their Instagram: SerrulaMarketResearch

You DON'T need to be interested in mobile phones to take part. If you qualify, you will be sent a link to a longer screener form.

The venue is near Charing Cross so useful for people who will already be in the area - there's one session at the end of next week then some more at the end of July I think.


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    Just had a quick look at their website, I can’t see anything saying they are registered with the Market Research Society or any other body.
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    It's buried in the FAQs page "The Esomar and MRS codes of conduct form the framework to the work that we do" - again sorry I can't post a link!
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