Seller expecting me to wait whilst he sticks a claim in from his delivery company.

Purchased an item and paid a little more because the expected delivery date was a fair few days shorter than the others,
I know that is not an accurate method anymore, bought items in the past (early AM purchase) that said 4 or 5 days and it arrived
the following day.

The same day it was dispatched I received a message from the delivery company stating its delayed, thought that was odd as they
had not long posted it. Tuesday a message stating it would be delivered that day, 3 more messages/days in a row with no delivery.
Then no update for 4 days... Really need this item now, contacted the seller asked to wait another day.. Messaged again stating still
no item and I really need it quickly.   No more response, tracking now shows claim in progress.

Seller has not responded to my messages since they asked me to wait another day.  Already ordered another one from one of the other
sellers and waiting for that. Cannot decide whether to ask ebay to step in now?

Expecting too much or do you think their customer service skills need an upgrade/update?    Ordered late night Sat 11th June
with delivery expected Tues/Wed 14th/15th.  OK these things happen but expecting a customer to wait for your courier to
declare it lost/damaged unacceptable?

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    File an INR report. You will get your refund. It's the seller's problem, not yours.
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    If a claim is already open and can now be escalated I would do so. When item arrives seller can pay to get it back, if it arrives before you escalate then you would have to pay to return it. 
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    Not being harsh then. Its a £35 product so they probably do not want to ship another, after checking they have none listed for sale
    so did they actually send me one?  Got me wondering now whether they have bought one from elsewhere with slower postage.

    Initial INR claim opened a few days ago. They said wait another day and I waited longer but they no longer respond.


    Censorship Reigns Supreme in Troll City...

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