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  • Well done on your clarity on the loan payments. Hopefully you can now focus on getting it out of your life as soon as possible  - with your normal focus - once the reno and Xmas is all finished.
    Great you can stay in a granny annex ;)
    This house sounds like a hoge project but hopefully you will be done soon and can love your new space
    There will always be a (beautiful stilettoed) foot in fabulous in LaPlan's life.
    I am choosing to be fabulously frugal to support some wonderful life changing and affirming financial goals including buying a London home I love.

    DON'T BUY STUFF (from Frugalwoods)
    No seriously, just don’t buy things. 99% of our success with our savings rate is attributed to the fact that we don’t buy things. You can’t really hack your way to frugal. You can and should take advantage of discounts, coupons, rewards points, and the like. But at the end of the day, the only way to truly save money is to not buy stuff.    Money doesn’t walk out of your wallet on its own accord.

    My March  streaks to track
    Track Minimalist game  items (Nov 310)   (Dec  95)  (Jan 90)   Feb 50
    Exercise streak  
    YNAB days:: Target 50 days -Age of money 29
    Track my NSD's - Target 13 days/ 0/13
  • Completely understand the emotional connection to paying off the mathematically easier debt - you get it into your head that you're going to Pay Off The Mortgage and any deviation from that feels like a fail. You just have to remind yourself that paying off other debt is just a way to speed up paying off the mortgage later on once the other stuff's gone!
    Start mortgage date: August 2022; Start mortgage amount: £240,999; Original mortgage free date: August 2056
    Current mortgage amount: £233.529.75
    Start student loan 2012: £29,750; current student loan: £11.400.50; OP offset fund: £750
  • Totally get you on the mortgage thing - we're in a similar situation in that we could get better interest by saving, rather than the interest we are saving on OPs at the moment, but in our case the sums are a little complicated by the fact that there is tax payable on savings interest, and the difference between the rates is also less significant as our mortgage is at 4.03%. 

    If you wanted to tick the box of still feeling like you are doing "something" on  the mortgage, then you could just round up the mortgage payments to the next £10 level, or even just make a one-off OP each month to round DOWN to the next £10 increment - either way you'd still be having an effect, still be feeling that you were doing something, but without taking away significantly from money that could actually be saving you more money elsewhere? 
    🎉 MORTGAGE FREE (First time!) 30/09/2016 🎉 And now we go again…New mortgage taken 01/09/23 🏡
    Balance as at 01/09/23 = £115,000.00
    Balance as at 31/12/23 = £112,000.00
    SOA CALCULATOR (for DFW newbies): SOA Calculator
  • Very quick visit to say everything is ok ... well STRESSFUL this week, but generally ok! There are a few different trades in this week so lots of coordination needed from our side. I will be happy when the current jobs are finished and I can catch my breath a bit!
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    Just wondering how you are @GeorgianaCavendish
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