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Dispute Credit File report from Mortgage Provider


about 7 or 8 years ago I ran into some financial distress when a company I owned sadly had to close, this left me really struggling to meet mortgage payments for around 18 months, so much so my lender actually made an application for repossession.  I made an agreement with them regarding paying the minimum contractual payment plus an amount towards the arrears.  I have maintained this agreement for over 7 years and I have not missed a payment with any company during this time, credit cards, mobile phone, gas, electricity, etc.  For the last 4 or 5 years, I have been very aware of my credit file and credit score, and I noticed the score steadily improve.  I did notice that two of the lenders I had loans with reported I had late payments which is not true and I have the bank statements that confirm this.  My main mortgage company is essentially saying that because of the period of problems I had every payment I have made since is marked as late.  I agree that there is a special arrangement on the account however, there are no late or missed payments.  I really would like some guidance on how to have my genuine circumstances reported in my credit file.  Any help or advice is very much appreciated and welcomed.  Thank you.


  • If you're still in arrears, then its correct that the payments are marked as late.

    Once you catch up with the arrears and resume contractual payments, they will stop. 

    Credit scores aren't used by lenders, but the data on your files is.  Your score has increased because you've been consistent with the late payments, as scores reward consistency and penalise change. 
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