Can I reclaim court fees £275 if I succesfully have a CCJ set aside?


I had an alert on my credit file last night and found a CCJ on there from the 14th June 22.
A little digging around this morning and I've discovered that it was for a parking charge that I paid previously and have evidence and correspondence that confirms this was paid by the deadline.

The total cost of the CCJ was £289. I've already paid the £60 charge.

I spoke to the county court and they informed me that to have a CCJ set aside it will cost me £275?!!!!

I asked them, that if I was confident that I could show the court that the CCJ was issued wrongly could I claim the £275 back from the claimant? The agent for the court told me she couldn't advise on that.

Can I claim the £275 back if my case is strong?



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