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Upon arrival at a rental property in The Lake District, we have discovered that a separate suite in the accommodation (included in our booking) has had the kitchen removed!

The website we used to make the booking explicitly states that the suite includes a kitchen, and includes photographs of it.

We are 6 families, holidaying together, and chose this property especially because one of the families has health issues and special dietary needs, hence they would use the separate suite and kitchen.

We are continuing the holiday, (although the family with special needs have gone home early) but have informed the rental company that we believe that they have mis-sold the property, and we will follow up with them when we return home.

Should we be entitled to a full refund, and if not, what might be reasonable in terms of compensation?


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    Certainly not a full refund, especially as you're still staying there.

    What have the rental company said? Have they suggested an alternative? If you leave it until you get home to follow up with them, you're going to greatly reduce your chances of any redress.
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    Definitely not a full refund as you are continuing to occupy.  Partial refund for the loss of amenity, but I suspect you will have correspondence from the rental company along the lines of the agreement being between you and the property owner.
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    If you wanted a full refund, you needed to have reported it when you arrived and not stayed there.

    In terms of what might be fair compensation, a simple calculation will be one sixth of the value of the booking (because one of six families has aborted), with another reduction based on how long that family stayed.  e.g. if the booking was £2400, that's £400 per family, and if the family that left stayed a quarter of the time, then the refund due might be £300.
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    Sorry, you made me chuckle re "full refund."
    They could have moved you when you first arrived and given you a bigger discount if could not move you but days in, 10-20% off you are doing well.

    did you advise them if not sorted one of the group was going home early?
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    I assume you contacted them as soon as you arrived?

    Was there no othet suitable property they could move this one family to for the week? No other solution?

    A full refund would be due if you rejected the property there and then due to it not being as described. If you stayed in it then any refund is negotiable.

    You say one family cut short their trip. So the starting point would be 1/6th of a refund for the family it wasn't suitable for, less any nights they stayed.

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    Did the family members who were meant to be staying in it leave immediately?  Or after 1 night?  Or after several days.   If it was either of the first two, then a full refund for the suite/room/unit in question would be reasonable -  it wasn't as advertised and thus wasn't suitable.  Staying in accommodation overnight night after it has been deemed unsuitable shouldn't change this - it's not always practical/possible to immediately turn around and go home.

    You could also reasonably ask for a partial reduction on the rest of the accommodation as a goodwill gesture.  Whilst you continued to stay there, you could argue that your enjoyment of it was reduced because of their error with the other unit.
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    Did you give them a chance to put it right or did they just move out, theres a thread further up explaing your options and what you do in circumstances like this.

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