Council Tax Banding

I’ve been trying unsuccessfully in the past to challenge my council tax banding. I provided a lot of evidence from when our house was built to show it was built to the same specification as houses in the lower band. They still disagree. That calculator on the site shows that the property should be in a lower band, but not sure how accurate it is as I can’t use that as evidence. 

I am due to have some home improvements to my house very soon. This should create an improvement marker on our council tax entry, so the banding may go up on the sale of the house. Does the marker only get triggered on the sale, or would it get triggered if I tried to take things further? Or do they go by what the house was like on the purchase date?

I guess if they were wrong and not looking at my case properly then it will become evident on the sale of the house. I should have queried this years ago really! 


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    The marker will get triggered on the sale. All the VOA will do after the sale is to decide if the alterations warrant a  band increase, based on the physical state of the house at that date. They will not check if the pre alteration house's band was too high.
    If you are querying your Council Tax band would you please state whether you are in England, Scotland or Wales
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