eBay Account Updates: Payment on Demand

Latest missive from eBay:

We have important account updates to share with you. We have enhanced your account security and added the ability for on-demand payout. There is no action for you to take right now. You will start to receive simple, routine requests for further authentication as you continue selling on eBay.

More details on what’s changed:

Your account with eBay has now been updated to a payment account, as further described in our Payment Terms of Use. As a result, enhanced security procedures have been applied to your account. These are required under the revised Payment Services Directive (PSD2), a regulation affecting users in the United Kingdom and the EU. As a result, you may be subject to additional verification, including by asking you to re-enter your login credentials or a one-time code sent to you via SMS when you undertake certain activities on eBay. Learn more about what's changed.

You now also have the ability to request payouts of your available funds on-demand, as well as having them sent on a set schedule. You can request an on-demand payout in the Payments section of Seller Hub or My eBay. Learn more about getting paid for items you sell.

eBay team


  • soolinsoolin Forumite, Ambassador
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    I was signed up for that a couple of weeks ago. I can still stay logged in though, although it randomly logs me out every couple of days and I have to authenticate myself via code sent to my mobile phone. I haven’t tried the payments on demand though so don’t know how easy that is , I quite like getting a bulk payment on a Tuesday . 

    I already have to remember to carry my phone if I want to buy anything from Amazon as thats the same, randomly logging me out and needing a phone code after a while, and yesterday my Co op bank said they are starting this SMS authentication in a few weeks. If it keeps me safe then I’m fine with it , but it does mean that anyone without a mobile is now going to struggle to use a lot of sites online, including banks. 
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  • IftiBashirIftiBashir Forumite
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    I have to keep signing in several times a day, even if the box to remain signed in is ticked. Annoying!
  • olgadapolgaolgadapolga Forumite
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    I received that message this morning and although I've not had to sign in each time I want to use eBay, if I do sign out (as need to deal with business account as well as personal one) then I have to go through the two factor thing. Bit of a pain but there it is.
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