Reusing Train Booked for 21st

Hello all,

I have not seen this covered anywhere so maybe someone will know.

My son has a train ticket booked for today (21st) for which the train is not running. Its not the end of the world for him as he can stay overnight where he is and travel tomorrow. He has been to the station and they have told him that he can use his ticket tomorrow (22nd) but he has to travel on the exact same train just 24 hours later.

Can this be right and is it actually stated anywhere? I have seen that train tickets can be used until the 28th (or something like that) but he has a late afternoon ticket and does not want to wait around all day for the train which he could not originally get due to the strike.

Can anyone point me to any details of what you are allowed to do regarding an existing ticket booked for a strike day?



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    To try and help others and answer my own question.

    Apparently his ticket is an Advanced Saver. He has been told that he can catch the train before his originally booked one, his booked one, or the train after (just 24 hours later). I am sure I have also seen this written down somewhere.
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    In practice, I suggest that he goes to the platform when he wants to travel and looks for the train manager. Train managers have discretion to allow people in positions like this to travel and if the train is not too busy I expect he will be allowed to do so.
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    It depends which train company is running the train.
    Check on the website of whichever company it is, should be info on there.
    I travelled Wed (ticket booked for Thur) and the train company I travelled with allowed me to either cancel or use the ticket on any day the train is running up to this Sat. (Arriva Wales)

    Find out who you are and do that on purpose (thanks to Owain Wyn Jones quoting Dolly Parton)
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