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Esa and energy help

in Scotland
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janet2300janet2300 Forumite
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help... I am wondering why esa contribution style don’t get as much help regarding cost of living. Didn’t get £20 universal credit each week but annoyed that I won’t even get the £650 energy help. What can I do?


  • Torry_QuineTorry_Quine Forumite
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    It's because it's not means tested so there's people on it with wide variations of finances. 
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  • janet2300janet2300 Forumite
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    It was the same amount as income related but lost carers. I don’t see why there should be a sliding scale or a look at the amount some people get instead of what group they are in. Feels like I’m getting punishment for a change in the type I was awarded. I have not changed health
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