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Eye Tests & Contact Lens Subscriptions

I'm in a bit of a quandary regarding where to buy contact lenses and having eye tests etc.

I've been buying from Vision Direct usually, great prices, next day delivery, no complaints at all. However I want to get my prescription checked a and eyes looked at as I think it wise to do so periodically. I also want to change my lenses. In the past I have done this by 'self prescription' just as its easier and I only have a low prescription. I haven't had any issues but I'm aware this isn't recommended.

So I went to Scrivens, they checked my eyes, looked at my existing (in date) glasses prescription and are ordering in some lenses. This will take about a week and then I go and trial them. When I am happy they want me to sign up to Lensplan @ £35.00 per month or pay £25.00 for the trial and buy lenses @ £120.00 power 3 month supply. They are monthly multifocal lenses which I can buy from Vision Direct (or anywhere online really) for about £50.00.

I understand businesses need to make money but over twice the price doesn't seem very reasonable. I went in expecting a subscription to be dearer, obviously, and fully expect to pay for any service I receive however it does seem like over time I'm going to get ripped off. Just paying for the tests and trial alone wasn't an option offered.

I'd be grateful to hear what the consensus is on this, I am happy to support local business but not when the product ongoing is so blatantly overpriced. Apart from getting 'free' check ups as required and discounts on overpriced glasses (which I don't need) I'm struggling to see the value but I do want a verified check and prescription. 

What's the sensible thing to do here, put yourselves in the hands of the pros because its your eyes or what? Its all so awkward....


  • PterionPterion
    You can buy the exact same contact lenses from vision direct for less than half the price? 
    Doesn't seem true. 

    Or do you mean the same prescription but different brand/type/material etc. 

  • kirtondm
    kirtondm Posts: 436 Forumite
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    Why not find somewhere you can pay for the fitting and then source the lenses online?

    Their is no requirement to be forced to buy lenses from the place you get fitted.
  • Hughie68
    All sorted. Told Scrivens I wasn’t prepared to pay their prices for lenses and asked if they were prepared to just charge me for their service or should I go elsewhere.
    They said they would be happy to just charge for the service after all.
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