Mod cons vs traditional methods - what have you stopped using?

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Good evening all,

Due to a combination of factors, there are several items that I once considered essentials which I no longer use. 

These include the dishwasher (I wash up by hand); hoover (hard floors are swept & mopped, carpets cleaned with carpet sweeper); and main oven (use slow cooker, gas hob or cook atop the wood burner).  

Tumble drier and iron not owned. Washing machine used twice a week. We live rurally and so many of our local farmers still have no gas and only a poor electric supply due to being so high up.

So much about our way of life is seen as traditional and a bit kooky by many. I’ve leaned more and more toward this life for the past year or so and I wouldn’t swap it for anything now.

Today we had half a pig delivered in exchange for our help with lambing time. Simple joys. 

Any other rural old stylers who still embrace these ways? xxx 


  • gran3gran3 Forumite
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    I just use them all less often.

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    OrkneyStarOrkneyStar Forumite
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    We have never owned a dish washer or a tumble drier, so cannot use those less, ha ha.
    I do use the WM less, though never used it excessively, and really make sure if things need washed or not!
    We have an immersion (o/night heating) boiler and we used to sometimes top up the warm water on the higher day rate - we no longer do that and make do with what we have.
    We do sometimes use the dehumidifier (to dehumidify/help dry clothes when damp) but now use it overnight (lower rate electricity).
    I dry outside when it's not wet/too windy/slurry smell.
    I don't use the big hoover as often.
    We unplug as many things as we can when not in use (some are impractical in relation to plug location).
    Our CH (storage heaters) is broken, but we use the panel heaters less and less and have extra blankets and layers of clothes.
    More batch cooking.
    There might be more but that's all I can think of for now.
    Edit - oh yes, I stopped ironing years ago, it's a waste of my time and electricity (though I appreciate some people may need to iron certain items such as work clothes).
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  • SiebrieSiebrie Forumite
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    We are using the hoover less and the broom and wet broom more and more on our laminate flooring. I never used to have a dryer, but in this house, I really need one! It just doesn't have a proper airflow, although I hope that will be improved with the coming renovations.
    Our dishwasher broke down last night; we'll see if we can fix it, otherwise we'll do the dishes by hand until the renovations have finished and then decided if we need another one.
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  • joedenisejoedenise Forumite
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    We have stopped using the dishwasher completely and washing up by hand using LO water from the kettle after making a cuppa.

    We have a combi boiler so water is only heated when needed.  Water collected whilst waiting for the hot to come through is used to water the garden.  Rainwater is collected in butts and is also used rather than running extra water.

    Use a rechargeable stick cleaner rather than the big hoover as mainly hard floors, apart from bedrooms.  Nothing gets ironed except if I've dressmaking and then it's only pressing seams!

    Washing is all done at 30 degrees on a short programme.  Whites wash is put into machine in the evening and only run until the clothes are wet and the washing liquid has run in then turned off and left to soak overnight before running a short programme the next morning.

    No heating for nearly 2 months now and the living room temperature is around 18-21 degrees without heating.  The warmer weather definitely helps as does the extra insulation we have put in over the last couple of years.

    Have had a smart meter fitted but unfortunately still not working so can't see how much gas and electric is actually costing us but hopefully as we're paying quite a lot more than we were there will be a build up of credit for the winter months with the reduced gas and electric usage.
  • EssexHebrideanEssexHebridean Forumite
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    We do have a dishwasher - just a slimline one though as there are just the two of us and it tends to go on about three times a week. Allowing that our water has to be heated using electricity we couldn't actually wash up everything by hand any cheaper - and I'm conscious that the DW uses less water as well, which I see as a good thing. Like OS above we have definitely dropped the use of the washing machine a lot on previous - it only ever goes on for a completely full load now and we're also conscious of ensuring that things need to be washed - it's only undies and socks that get washed after a single day of wear now, plus the occasional item of sports gear that has either got very sweaty or in the case of MrEH's rugby gear - muddy. The WM is actually a washer dryer - towels get a 30 minute tumble at the end of their wash programme every second time they go through just to keep them a little more soft and nice to use for longer. Again, it costs relatively little and prolongs the useable life of the towels, for us, so worthwhile. Nothing else generally gets tumbled at all though. 

    The only one who irons in our house is MrEH and that happens less than it used to as he's only in the office a couple of days a week now - and they have gone far more over to casual dress, so he only needs a shirt/suit combo when he's seeing clients. My main "reduction" is probably the car use - when I'm running errands from home I tend to cycle mostly now, and we work things so the days we're both in London we car-share - it used to be that one of my 4 days a week I'd take my own car to get an earlier run back home, but at nearly £6 a day commuting costs purely on the fuel aspect I can't justify that any more. MrEH also plans his office days around days I'm going in as well. 
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  • mandy47mandy47 Forumite
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    Defiantly using WM less, only 20-30 degrees and the shortest wash (30 mins).
    DW 4 times a week.
    Tumble dryer hasn't been used since January and will probably never been used again. 
    Central heating turned off in early March and we've made a pact not to turn it back on until at least November, longer if possible.
    Our veg patch has spilled over into numerous pots on the patio. The more we can grow the better. 
    Carpet sweeper used 5 days a week and vacuum twice. That would be even less if we didn't have a dog. 
    Walking more, driving less. Although I still need the car for getting to work. I leave home before the buses start and I don't feel safe walking at that time of day/night. I run any errands possible, including SM shopping , on my drive home from work so as to keep driving to a minimum.
    It all adds up. Makes little difference day to day but when we look at petrol costs per month we're starting to notice a difference.
  • Rosa_DamascenaRosa_Damascena Forumite
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    I stopped using the DW for about a month and then reverted to it. It's mostly mugs and the odd side plate that goes in but I do make sure it's packed to capacity before I run it.

    A significant change for me was switching of the CH when I got January's bill!
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