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Money Tips email | 25 May 2022

edited 31 May at 2:13PM in The weekly MSE Money Tips email
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Like a 1900s debutante stepping through the doorway of her first ballroom, the latest Money Tips email is officially out.

Give it a proper comb over when you can. For now though, here are five highlights you might like:

  1. Heads-up: £25 M&S beauty bag back from Tuesday (31 May)
    Get the 11-piece set for £25 (normally £160) when you spend £30. Always popular and sells out within a day or two

  2. Motoring: 10 tips to help with accelerating costs
    Including MSE's new cheap car insurance tool, how to find cheaper petrol and free EV charging
  3. Amazon £10 off £30 - can you get it?
    How to check for this and other codes, plus another 33 Amazon tricks

  4. Record inflation means your savings are shrinking
    Minimise the impact by switching to the highest savings rates for a decade: 1.5% easy access, 2.68% fixed

  5. Reclaim lost cash for FREE
    Up to £50 billion is sitting in old bank accounts, savings, private pensions and more

While I've got you...

Check Facebook next week for a preview💻

Huge thanks to anyone who checked the MSE Facebook page for the early preview of the email on Tuesday evening. Every week we post a preview in return for feedback. Any bugs or inaccuracies you spot help us to perfect the email before it goes out officially.

Send us your Money Moral Dilemma🤔

You might be a fan of the Money Moral Dilemma, a long-time feature of the email which gets its own Forum thread so you can discuss (here's this week's). If you've got a Money Moral Dilemma of your own you'd like to share, email it to us at [email protected] and it might end up in a future Money Tips email.

Subscribe to the email✔️

If you're not already signed up to receive our Money Tips direct to your inbox, you can do so here.


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