UPVC or Composite Door

in N. Ireland
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I want to replace an old timber back door due to it having had it's day - it's about 20 years old and despite changing seals and rain deflector at the bottom continues to leak water in heavy rain.  It seems that composite doors are all significantly dearer than UPVC and I know the are classed as more secure and better thermally (although I'm unconvinced this last point is actually significant enough in difference to ever see a payback in 2 or 3 lifetimes!).  I've looked different companies up online and their reviews and reviews of the door manufacturers they use and I'm not really any further forward - the usual horror stories and poor customer service coming up all too often.

Anyone got any personal recommendations or advice?


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    I have a composite doors, they are a great door, very heavy and well Insulated, but to be honest, I don’t know if it is worth the price difference, I suppose it’s up to everyone’s preference and what way your finances are, in saying that, the New PVC door, would leave you water leak free.
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    Styling, weight of door by comparison, lack of flex, well insulated were the reasons we went composite.  
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