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Travel Insurance that covers UK train cancellation

I am planning a holiday next month within the UK. I have booked long-distance train tickets (with bike reservations) and also pre-booked B&Bs at my destination. I am looking for a travel insurance policy that will cover my (non-refundable) accommodation costs in the event that my pre-booked train is cancelled and/or I am denied boarding with my bike for whatever reason (I have done everything by the book in terms of making a reservation, but heard plenty of stories of people being denied boarding nonetheless). I would note that trains to the destination are infrequent and bike spaces are hard to come by, so it seems unlikely I could simply catch a different train later in the day. This scenario doesn't seem to be covered by any of the insurance providers I have looked at due to the policy wording (e.g. most only cover similar circumstances for international trips).

Anyone found a policy that would suit my needs? As an added complication, accommodation costs aren't huge (c.£300 for two people) so the premium and the excess both need to be sufficiently low for it to be worthwhile.

It does seem odd that if a train is cancelled so you miss your international flight you would be covered, but if your train is cancelled and that train was taking you to your destination, no cover!


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    My travel insurace with my First Direct packaged bank account does cover UK holidays of at least two nights.
    But I think the rules on cancellation would be the same as a flight and you would need to be unable to get an alternative train within 24 hours.
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