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Free & cheap creative writing software

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I'd love to get a little list of free/cheap resources for hobbying and jobbing writers going. Do you have any recommendations?

To start, here are a couple I've used:

Scrivener: 30-day free trial
Helps with organising ideas, creating plots, structuring your stories/scripts/articles etc. The good thing about the 30-day free trial is that it only counts the days you actually use it, so if you only opened Scrivener a few times a week, you could eke out the free trial for weeks. Other bonuses: you don't need to add card details, and when the free trial's over, you don't lose the file/s you've created.

Write or Die
This free online tool prompts you to write and not stop. You can add perils that punish you for stopping, like the sound of screeching violins, as well as sounds that reward prolonged writing, like the sound of a cat purring. Or for real jeopardy, activate 'kamikaze mode': then if you pause typing for a certain period, it begins deleting words you've written.


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