Getting my son to eat veggies

My 4 year old is a really fussy eater. He doesn't like fruit and vegetables at all.

Does anyone blend veggies to hide them within other meals. Can anyone recommend any budget-friendly blenders that will almost juice the veggies so they become undetectable?


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    This worked for my sis-in-law...

    She served colourful veggies (baby carrots, broccoli florets, green beans etc) to herself and her husband.  Her husband asked their son if he wanted veggies with his meal, but sis interrupted him to say that the lad was too young to eat veggies as they were only for 'big boys and girls'.

    Of course, OP's son may just grab this as another excuse not to eat his veg...
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    I think you can pick hand blenders up pretty cheap. Although I know the nutribullet is the best for blitzing but this is not budget friendly. Unless you can find it on offer somewhere.

    It might be worth trying a prize board for trying new fruits and vegetables. Get a big sheet of cardboard or whiteboard and some stars. You're four year old will get a star for every fruit or veg they try. (make it clear it doesn't matter whether they like it or not just that they tried it). Get them involved with picking out with fruit or veg they want to try, make it a game. Once a certain amount of stars are earned they get a little treat
  • Brambling
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    You can get basic hand blenders for approx £15, Currys did have one for £5 so may be worth checking their website

    When my nephews were small I would make a vegetable and tomato sauce and use anywhere where you use tin tomatoes.  Grated veg can be hidden in meat balls or burgers if need be peel courgettes if they can see the green.  He's the age where he could start 'helping' you so maybe if he's making his own pizza etc he will eat it if he has made it?

    Carrots, beetroot and courgettes can be used in cakes  :)
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    I made soup with different veg in.The veg was put through the processor  so small it’s. I made a big pot at the beginning of the week which lasted all week. Fruit was not a problem. It was often grabbed before it reached the fruit bowl. 
  • terributtons
    I am 54 and didn't eat veg until 2 years ago when I discovered a soup maker. I now have home made veg soup daily. You may need to try a mix of different veg (with or without added herbs) until you find one that he likes but if you eat it at the same time this should help. I've never had a problem with fruit as I love it and have always got my 5 a day that way but perhaps try a smoothie maker. Look out for second hand bargains on Ebay or try freegle, facebook, nextdoor, etc You never know you may even gt a free one. 
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    Mine preferred raw veg when they were little & liked dipping veg sticks in houmous etc.
    I'd also let them 'steal' things from my plate as it let them try things without the pressure of having a plateful of something.
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    They'll never be undetectable to some children and you risk them becoming untrusting of food. 

    Offer them along with safe foods at each meal and try to find some 'wins' - e.g. they might not eat veg soup, but would they have smooth tomato soup? 

     Try looking for a  good quality multi-vitamin that they'll like too.
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    Luckily ours eats some veg at the moment but we blitz carrott, celery, onion and garlic as a base for spag bol.

    Also fun stuff like corn on the cob goes down well in our house.

    Could also make things like cheesy muffins with hidden veg in them for snacks/lunch.

    Would he find it fun to pick his own? At a pick your own farm. Might be worth a try
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