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Transactions held!

in Child support
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fred19841fred19841 Forumite
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I am currently battling with CMS over the correct amount of maintenance I need to be paying. I’ve got NO issue paying, but it needs to be an amount that’s realistic based on my correct income. 

That being said, I tried to deposit my pay into my bank account and, as far as I’m being told, that transaction has been held until a full calculation happens. This was all the money I had and now left with nothing. 

My concern is not only surviving myself, but I’m self employed and not having access to any of my own money will impact my business massively, leaving me without but also I won’t be able to earn as much to even pay said maintenance!

I can’t get a solid answer from CMS, but is it even right (or fair, but that’s a whole different story) to leave my business account empty, nothing to fall back on and nothing to live on, baring in mind I also have a dependent living with me. 

Just really need some advice please. 


  • tightauldgittightauldgit Forumite
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    It feels like you might be giving us the edited highlights here but I assume this dispute has been ongoing for a while? CMS have the right to make deductions from your bank accounts if you are refusing to pay maintenance and/or to collect arrears. But they generally won't do that as a first resort so I can only assume there has been a lot of back and forth on this? 

    If you can't afford what they are deducting then you have to tell them that. Equally if the calculation is wrong then you have to go through the process for that. If you are just refusing to pay because you don't agree with what they are telling you that you need to pay then yes they will take action against you such as this. 

    Without knowing exactly what's gone on it's hard to say what the next steps will be. 
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