Can I be discharged from an IPA sooner?

So I have a rather unusual case, and I want to appeal my IPA in place, as I don't feel I earn enough to be on the payment plan and won't be for the foreseeable future. 

In January, I was released from Bankruptcy, but before this, I was put into an IPA.  Subsequently, I reduced my hours in April, received a reduced salary, and will continue to do so for the foreseeable future.

As I have explained to the OR previously, I need to save for a deposit to move out of the property I currently reside in, as the house is being sold this year. I believe I was put into an IPA on incorrect grounds when I should have exited bankruptcy in January, with no IPA in place, given the amount I need to save for a deposit. 

My current landlord has sold their house and will be exchanging in June, and I have no way to save for a deposit on a new property. Due to personal circumstances, the money the OR has agreed I could save for a deposit needed to be used for a car repair. I informed my insolvency caseworker (in line with the policies I had to adhere to) and updated the OR of my circumstances changes. However, I was told I could no longer save for my deposit in this way, as the funds hadn't been used for their intended and agreed purpose of rental deposit (even though I informed the OR of my circumstances) as the money was instead used to pay for my car repairs.

Unfortunately I don't have a guarantor or 6 months rent. Renting a house without a guarantor and six months' rent is impossible. 

A number of people I have seen avoid an IPA went unemployed for 12 months. Unfortunately I was not given this advice. Otherwise I would have remained unemployed. 

I wondered if it is possible to appeal to the IPA? That way I can leave the IPA and earn more to pay towards my deposit. 



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