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The old dedicated thread's closed and I couldn't find a newer one.
Old thread:

It's yet another site that lets you earn cash for searching, completing offers & surveys, and clicking emails. 
It's owned by Prodege who also own Swagbucks.

Doesn't have offer walls just a page of offers, often the same ones appear there and on swagbucks - game offers are sometimes on here for more money than the equivalent in swagbucks.

Cashout is from £20 and payout is via paypal, or e-giftcards for Tesco, Amazon, Caffe Nero, Marks & Spencer, John Lewis, or Mastercard-UK.
(Paypal, Caffe Nero, & Tesco need a £20 balance, Amazon £30, Marks & Spencer, John Lewis, & Mastercard £50)

Search gives you between 1p & 3p every 4 searches (up to 7p a day)

Emails give you 1p per click.

Can't see the offer on the site now but the Mafia City app offer for £100 for reaching Mansion level 25 in 30 days, has gone to pending on reaching Mansion Level 20 - should credit in 6 days *fingers crossed* . (It's taken lots of grinding & spending £6.97 on speedups & gold - two 99p packs & one special offer for extra gold for £4.99) 

Think the Bermuda Adventures offer went pending early too.

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