Evening All,

I know there's no guarantees, but I was just wondering whether anybody has any experience of Halifax being a bankruptcy friendly bank? 

My main (basic) account is already with them, I have do debt owed to them or any associated companies, and no credit facilities etc. Would like to be able to keep my account if possible, although I have opened a Monzo account as a fallback. My wages are paid in cash - all properly declared through PAYE etc. - and therefore the limitations on paying in cash with Monzo would be a complication. 

If they are likely to let me keep the account, would it be wise to perhaps transfer the balance of my wages into Monzo before I click the button, just in case the Halifax account is temporarily frozen? I'll obviously try to time it so that bills etc. are already paid and nothing is due in/out for a week or so.

Thanks in advance :) 


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