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Instagram restrictions

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luckylinziluckylinzi Forumite
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Hi I'm new to instagram I've joined for the comps. There was a competition that asked you to comment a cash bundle emoji a few times and on the 3 previous posts. As I did that a message popped up and said we restrict activity to protect the community try again later.... I've tried a few hours later and it just says "cannot post, please try later" I can "like" and share and follow I just can't comment?  I haven't received any notification of a ban. Any idea how long this will last? Or who I contact? I've looked on Google send it says click appeal or the tell us button but I don't have a ban note with this on? Thanks in advance. I'll stay away from the emoji comps xx
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  • Ms_DeeMs_Dee Forumite
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    Instagram doesn't usually tell you much when you get a ban, in my experience anyway.
    If you have access to a computer as well as your phone, sometimes it lets you do one thing on one but not the other.
    Bans are often 24 hours, but they don't tend to notify you when it is finished.

    To try and avoid bans, instead of just tagging friends, I tag them and write something or tag them and add a different emoji.
    If the competition tells you to leave a few emojis that are the same, I'd put it and then a little comment or put it and then a heart or smiley face. (not sure if it makes a difference to your entry though! but it certainly stops or slows down bans) x
    Thank you to everyone who posts competitions and good luck to everyone who enters.
  • luckylinziluckylinzi Forumite
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    So frustrating lol. Thanks for help. Will wait it out. Xx
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  • Medic994Medic994 Forumite
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    First temporary restriction is usually 24 hours, but it lowers the threshold for you to get another one so definitely try and avoid leaving the same comment more than once going forward!
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    Make sure you have some personal posts on your account and try and get your follower count up. 
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