Solax X1 AC 3.6 Battery Storage Inverter Charge/Discharge Rate

The Solax AC  manual states that the Charge/Discharge rate is 3650kw.... is this accurate or is the Real (By Users) figure much lower... Say 3000 or lower.

Appreciate any users on the site to give their advice/info and what they actually notice when Discharging and Charging.   Before I commit to an Solax Battery solution.

I have at present Solax X1 Boost 3.6 and 5.2kW split on two roofs.


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    This will be the inverter capacity.   Each battery I believe is rated at 2.5kW standard rate  with a maximum of 3kW (presumably not recommended but possible).  If two or more batteries are connected then the 3.6kW should be achievable.   I have mine set to a maximum of 2.3kW. 
    Install 28th Nov 15, 3.3kW, (11x300LG), SolarEdge, SW. W Yorks.
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    Thanks Exiled Tyke, understanding a little more on setup of the solax battery... very limited info in the pdf solax manual.

    I did find this on my searches... SolaX T63 Triple Power 6.3kWh Battery (HV) ( if your still looking.
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