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As we have been able to frequently read in the National press (and has been my experience), many places (be it restaurants, hotels or shops), are starting to refuse to accept cash as a method of payment. I know this is their right to do so. However, it completely alienates a large section of our population, can make situations very embarrassing and could cause danger if it were to come to medication or fuel, for instance. 

Can we, as a population, pressure the government to make it a legal responsibility for all outlets to accept cash as well as other forms of payment?

I am led to believe Germany has this law. Seems sensible to me then all payment options are covered.

Keep cash alive 10 votes

Make cash payment option compulsory
Indout96pearl123FedUpWithHikesYorkie64middlingditch 5 votes
Accept only card payments
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Don’t know or care
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    You ignore a fourth option of essential services such as supermarkets or fuel stations being obliged to offer a cash option, but non-essential shops being able to choose what suits their business model. 

    Should a pharmacy accept all methods - yes. Should a coffee shop - no, you have a choice not to go there and there is no safety risk to the individual. 

    EU states have a vague commitment to ensuring that cash is accepted 'except where there is a reasonable alternative or it would be impractical' This also includes the right to not have a drawer full of cash and coins.

    France is the only country that has a specific law requiring acceptance of cash and retailers can be fined for not doing so. 
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    Accept only card payments
    I do not think that businesses should be forced to accept cash. The effort would be better directed at encouraging and assisting those who are either reluctant to adopt modern methods or struggle initially to adapt. Change always happens, there is little point in fighting its or trying to legislate against the inevitable, adaption is always the far better choice.
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    Make cash payment option compulsory
    Banks are behind this push for "contactless" and "cashless", to benefit them.. Moving cash around costs them, and without it, they can remove their cash machines and close even more branches! Plus, card companies get a 'cut' from every transaction, as well as data about our spending (where, when, what, and how much) that they can sell! 'tapping' to pay means you may not know how much you're being charged until much later, and probably won't have a receipt! Not having to use a PIN (at least not very often) is also a security risk! (although banks are more keen to refund you if they can just make other customers pay, rather than lose their own wages or bonuses!). I like to see what I am spending, and stay as anonymous as I can! Card payments also fail through technical problems, and not having cash is embarassing for the customer and troublesome for the shop!
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