How much did you spend today diary?

If you see on the "old style" board - Queenie posts everyday telling us about her day & how "old style" it has been.

Perhaps we should do something similiar on this board? Either saying how much you have spent/not spent, how you have saved money or stuck to your budget, or had a LYBM (Live Below Your Means) day - or perhaps you have made money today by selling something on ebay. Hopefully this will encourage us dealing with debt-ers (DWD) to stay on the straight & narrow, and hear about how other people manage to stick to a budget.

If someone starts the post & we also stick to the same thread (so as not to annoy people who might not want to read it :0)


DWD - 13th June 2005

Easy one for me today. Im at work and at 2nd job this evening, we are having a lunch out at work today for a girl that is going on maternity leave - hopefully it will be paid for, but i have money aside for it, if not - otherwise i dont have an awful lot of time to spend anything else, just work work work for me. :0)

A pair of flip flops arrived today from ebay, and also i signed up with a market research company who will send me "Company" magazine until December in return for me answering some questions every month. Unfortunately i have read this issue already, so donated it to a girl at work (good deed of the day!) :0)

Thats all so far, how are you doing?



  • debtbuster2K5
    debtbuster2K5 Posts: 1,515 Forumite
    Great Idea MS_London.

    Not a lot to report for me. I havent spent a bean :D:D

    24 hours in a day. 24 beers in a case ... coincidence? :beer:
  • simonfr
    simonfr Posts: 88 Forumite
    So far £1.34..... for monday-friday's lunches at work. Tesco's is a wonderful place, the blue and white striped delight helps me stay frugal!!!

    And the items? 19p loaf of bread, 67p pack of apples and 3 packs of fruit shorties to go with my tea!!!

    Simon :-)
    Is the glass half full, or half empty??
  • Squiffy
    Squiffy Posts: 173 Forumite
    First Anniversary Combo Breaker
    Today spent £1.89 on lunches AND breakfasts for the next two weeks.

    One jar of granulated artificial sweetener, one box of Tesco-brand weetabix and one box of Tesco-brand cornflakes. I bring a flask of cold milk in to work with me every day to make up the cereal in a tupperware box.
  • I've been bad today, went for a look around Makro (wholesalers) and spent money :mad: couldn't help myself...why can I not resist a bargain? :confused:
    Spent £82...bought:

    1 Circulon 24cm stock pot (sale at £39.99 + vat...should be over £60)

    1 24 tray Baked Beans...£1.98 + vat....big saving!

    1 JML Multi-Chopper...£14.99 + vat....had to have one, it's just come out and I am a gadget lover! Also need to to chop my home grown parsley, sage etc. which I am now growing on my window ledge in cute little pots :D

    1 Wicker Window Roller Blind £3.99 + vat....decided to dispense with curtains on the kitchen window and let more sunshine in :j

    1 six-pack bottles of bleach £2.49 + in bulk, it's cheaper :D

    I think those figures are right, just off the top of my head, receipt is in the depths of my bag and I just don't wanna go there :rotfl:

    I always spend money when I go to Makro and really need to limit my visits.

    Hoping to spend no money tomorrow...yeah! :T
  • swampytiggaa
    swampytiggaa Posts: 211 Forumite
    so far today i have spent nothing - i haven't been out of the house yet :D

    decided that as i only have my own children today [am a part time childminder] that i would use the hair dye that has been sitting in the bathroom for the last year ;) which has covered my grey up nicely ;)

    am aiming to spend as little as possible this week [as usual]
    :rotfl:five children? I must be mad........ :rotfl:
    aug grocery spend - £166.45
  • debtbuster2K5
    debtbuster2K5 Posts: 1,515 Forumite
    I've been bad today, went for a look around Makro (wholesalers) and spent money :mad: couldn't help myself...why can I not resist a bargain? :confused:
    Spent £82...

    Naughty Naughty:eek:
    24 hours in a day. 24 beers in a case ... coincidence? :beer:
  • chloejane_2
    chloejane_2 Posts: 257 Forumite
    ive spent £5.50 on petrol, £16 for school photos and then ive got a school trip to pay for this afternoon and not sure how much that is yet, but all of these have been jkind of essential so not feeling to bad about the spend.
  • Naughty Naughty:eek:

    I know :mad: it's not good is it? I'll have to cut back for the rest of the week now. Serves me right! :eek:
  • lupogti
    lupogti Posts: 73 Forumite
    Good Idea:

    I'm at work 8 while 6 - (2 hours overtime) so I prepared my food at home = saving of canteen and snacks from vender - office culture!
    Then straight to the gym and home for 8:30p.m - grand total spent today will be £0.00! - touch wood!

  • xela_17
    xela_17 Posts: 421 Forumite
    Well, I have been good and bad today. I brought a packed lunch for work and managed not to spend anything in WHSmith at lunchtime. Yay!

    However, won a couple of things off ebay at the weekend and paid for them via paypal today. One was a digital camera and the other was a cardigan/zip up top type thing. Although I spent money they were both bargains. The camera was the same one my friend spent £150 on a few weeks ago and I got it for £95. The cardigan retails for £45 and (although it is used) I got it for £7.

    On the other hand, thinking about it, I suppose I did also sell my car on ebay on Sunday and made £600!
    What did I do at work before I discovered MSE?!

    DFD - WAS: a while ago

    NOW - not sure, due to boyfriend going back to uni for masters and now pgce. Worth it in the long run!
    Proud to be dealing with my debts!
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