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Hi, I have been using Topcashback for a few years and usually just go through the regular route of finding a retailer and clicking the link to receive cashback.

However I notice that if I buy a "topgiftcard" for the retailer I am intending to purchase from the cash back is higher.

Regular cashback is 2.5% but if I buy a topgiftcard for said retailer cashback is 7%. In my head this seems to make sense but I am not sure if this is ok to do.

I am making the purchase either way but I am just wondering if this is a good way to boost the cashback.

Does anyone regularly do this and can offer advice? Has anyone encountered problems using topgiftcards? I am hesitant as this is a highish value purchase and I don't want to be stuck with a gift card I can't use.

Sorry if this question has already been asked but I couldn't find anything in the search.


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    I emagine it is legit. It sounds similar to an app I’ve recently started using called Jam Doughnut, where you get cash back from buying vouchers
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    HI, I've used this before! It's legit. It's a TopCashback company. The gift cards usually come through on email within 10 minutes of purchasing and the cashback is very quick too.
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    I've not use the Gift Card option before but decided to do it this time because of the uplift. How does it appear - I assume its a emailed code that you can use online the next time you shop with that retailer.


    Just realised that having done my supermarket online for the last 2 years, the supermarket I use does cash back, wish Id looked earlier!!!!!

  • KirstyMcKirstyMc Forumite
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    Hi All, just popping back on to let you know that the TopGiftCard thing worked.

    I ordered a TopGiftCard and was sent the code via email almost immediately. I then just shopped as normal on the retailer website and used the voucher code at checkout :)

    The cashback became payable really quick too.
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