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Advice please. Someone has bought something from me with cash. I didn't check the amount paid because this person has told me he is a Judge. My fault, should never trust anyone. Before he left he used the bathroom and caused damage to the door, i wasn't so bothered, easy fix. Guy was disgruntled because he tried ro barter me down but i had a firm asking price. Anyway, he paid and off he went. An hour later he's messaged to say he's overpaid me by £100. I immediately checked the cash twice over, he has not overpaid me. I told him as much. He is now telling me he won't let it lie and is taking me to court. Apparently knows he will win because he is a judge.
Well im afraid he is lying. I have not been overpaid! I should have counted whilst he was here i know. Its now my word against his. There is no evidence or proof. Any advice or thoughts please. Im loath ti start handing back £100 when i know he hasn't overpaid me. Whole things seems ridiculous tbh


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    Con artist.
    Tell him that you’ll see him in court.
    Doubt you’ll ever get the papers.

    If he is actually ‘a judge’, he’ll be risking his career if he’s found to be lying.

    if it does get far though… you should make a counterclaim for the damage he caused to your door… value that at £100.

    edited to add… although you have no proof he didn’t overpay… he equally doesn’t have any proof that he overpaid either… remember that!
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    My thoughts exactly. Done a name search and cannot find him as a judge. Wish the money had been counted at the time but live and learn. And yes agree, no evidence either way. Its just the threats of 'im a judge, i will win' etc. Never encountered this before so all rather new to me!! 
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    Agreed, complete com artist by the sounds of it.

    As with 1st reply, invite him to take you to court for it.
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    @jennyd.2008  Why are you even communicating with this guy? Ignore him.   
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