Is anyone getting EON gas and electric usage data?

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I switched to EON a couple of years ago.  My British Gas smart meter didn't work, as it was a version one meter.  The software was updated on November 2021 and now my meter gives live data while I no longer have to give meter readings.   What doesn't work is historical usage stats on either the EON Next app or website, as I just get a message that says "We're working on this exiting new feature.  Check back soon"
Is it just me?


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    Do you mean usage for all time or since the software update?

    If it's for all time, no, that's the same for me. You see, while the smart meter didn't work, it wasn't capturing any data, so you can only see the usage data since the time it restarted (I only tried reconnecting mine in February hehe)

    If it's the latter, then it might be a problem, I can see my usage on the smart meter (I haven't tried on the website).
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    this seems to be an ongoing problem with them. Sadly I am unable to see my usage. They seem to be well aware of the problem, given the comments regarding this issue on Twitter. There doesn’t appear to be an end in sight!
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    Took them weeks to fix it last time it went wrong and when it is working it's not brilliant honestly. I find the Hildebrand bright App fills my needs. There is loop too.
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    The app has always been useless for me and now only use the IHD. Using the 'Since last billing period' function it has proved to be very accurate 
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    Not working for us either the last few weeks- that said I found their usage feature really inaccurate anyway and constantly under estimated for us when compared with our bills. I'm not entirely sure how it could have been wrong- raised it with them and they weren't really interested. The Hugo app is completely accurate and far more detailed anyway so I just use that.
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