A little advice please before I start the process.

I already have a basic bank account and have done for a few years. If I speak to my bank about the bankruptcy could they agree to keep my account or is it indefinite I will need to change?

When I start the process, Will I need to upload all of my debts myself before they will agree to bankruptcy or can it be done as I go along?

Thank You 


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    If you have a basic bank account you should be ok...which bank are you with.? Some are more BR friendly than others.
    Yes you need to list your debts before you submit but all are covered if you miss any. The exception is some benefit overpayment and court fines...read the insolvency service website and get your ducks in a row 
  • Caseyface
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    Thanks Luvchocolate.

    My bank is HSBC. 
  • Mart7379
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    Any full current account will be closed. I banked with Santander before my bankruptcy order was issued. Within a week or 2 my main current account with Santander was blocked at the request of the Trustee, 

    I had an existing basic account with Monzo, I spoke to them to find out if there were any clauses in the terms and conditions of n regards to bankruptcy. I was told there wasn’t and they were happy for me to continue using the account. The trustee also advised I was fine to continue using the Basic account. 

    Gather as much information as you can in regards to your debt, then input it into the bankruptcy application.

    Once your bankruptcy is official. Get on with your life, abiding by the rules and restrictions and it’s all good. 

    I was worried when I applied, in fact I kept putting it off for weeks, bombarded this forum with tons of questions or the same question asked differently sometimes, because I was worried about the process to the point I’m sure the regulars got sick of seeing my name. Then I eventually hit the submit button, as of today I’m officially discharged. 
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