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Hello, and I really hope this is the right place to ask.

This is my first ever post but I need to ask the following regarding the OR interview.

I am waiting for a bankruptcy petition to be served on me for non-payment of council tax (no other debts to be declared apart from water). Once this has been approved I know I will be required to have an interview with the OR. Not my decision but I would expect this to be by telephone which is causing me some distress.

I am not very good at explaining issues such as this and my circumstances by phone. Although I would not relish this in the slightest either, I would be more comfortable and at least coherent having this conducted face-to-face.

According to the current governments website, 'Guide to Bankruptcy' - in section 4.4, 'Your interview with the official receiver', it reads:

"If offered a telephone interview you can ask to be interviewed in person, if you prefer."

Does this mean I am entitled to this or is it discretionary?

Thanks for all help.


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    I think 99% of the time you get a phone call, its much easier, quicker, and saves you traveling, but if you prefer a face to face affair, then there`s no reason you can`t ask for that, just remember Government departments are still operating under supposed covid restrictions, so telephone may be your only option..

    The OR just wants to know the facts, they are not there to trip you up or to be in judgement of you, they simply want to know the circumstances that led to your bankruptcy.

    You may want to write it down first, but remember, stick to the facts, don`t waffle on.

    Lots of people worry about the interview beforehand, and then afterwards wonder what all the fuss was about.
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    Creditor petitions always used to be office based, but that may have changed with covid
  • I requested a lot of my communication be over email, when I explained why they didn't mind at all and I was able to have great long chats with them this way (although some of it was over the phone). Contrary to popular belief they really are human! And they'll help if you need it. Just ask and see what they say.
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    Sorry I haven't been back sooner and I hope that hasn't seemed ungrateful.

    This is quite the opposite and I am extremely thankful for all the feedback so far. I am going through a total mental crises and meltdown with all of this for reasons which at this stage I don't wish to mention but I hope to be back once I ever calm down.

    Many, many thanks guys and I really do appreciate you taking the time to respond.
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    In my experience, councils won’t pursue bankruptcy on a debt unless you own the property. Do you?
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