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I’m currently in the REMO process of applying for child support from France.
The issues with my ex partner are 
-I don’t know his address, however I have his work address.
-He is denying the child is his and he will not take a dna test that I offered to pay for because I know he is her father. -I’ve read that paternity tests are ilegal in France unless it’s court ordered.
-This relationship was very brief so will the French courts feel that there is enough evidence to make a court ordered dna test?

He is a high earner. My daughter is 1 and he hasn’t provided anything despite earning over €7000 a month. He won’t come to an arrangement with me (I only asked for £50 a week) I’m nervous that the court will not recognise our relationship (due to it being so brief) and therefore will not make a court ordered dna test and therefore I won’t be able to get child support.

Does anybody have any experience with this? 


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    I'm no expert on REMO but my understanding is that it is an enforcement arrangement of a UK court order and so the UK rules would apply rather than the French rules? The responsibility would then be on the French court to enforce the UK order rather than reinterpret the UK order. Sounds like you probably need to get proper legal advice though.

    If his situation is as you describe and he doesn't have other kids to pay for then you are selling yourself short at £50 a week. You could expect to get about three times that from CMS. 

    Is he named on the kid's birth certificate as the father? Were you married or living together at the time you got pregnant?
    Refusing to take a DNA test by itself may be enough for the CMS to presume parentage. He can't just ignore his responsibilities so one way or another I think you will come out of this with the result you want but you may have to be persistent. 


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